Designing miniature animals and bears is my passion and has become far more than just a hobby. I get great joy in watching my creations 'come alive' - each with their own unique features and personality. Some are designed to be whimsical, others more realistic, whilst always trying to maintain an endearing look.  Great time is therefore spent on each face using needle and scissor-sculpting techniques, needle-felting and rooting; as well as hand shading.  I find I am incorporating many more techniques into my work these days - using clay sculpting, building wire skeleton armatures, creating realistic eyelids and airbrushing.

I enjoy designing new creations. Once I'm happy with my new design in 2D I then create a clay head.  When happy with the look,  I fit bits of tape and paper onto the head and so create my own unique pattern.   A painstaking process with lots of trial and error, but the end result is worth it.

Previously my work was mostly in  miniatures under 8cms ,  but lately palm-size and larger animals.  I find the miniatures very endearing but as my eyes deteriorate I find it easier working larger.  Its interesting to note that some of my patterns have more than 38 pattern pieces - so when one works in a miniature scale - this can be very challenging.

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