Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Whose your daddy?

Getting ready for Easter

This year I have created three little ducklings.  Each time I have changed the pattern  to achieve slightly different results.......so yes they all look like they have a different dad.  Who is the ugly duckling here?   A mother can't say!  If your child has a big nose or goofy looks do you love it any less?

Created from soft plush fur in a creamy white colour with yellow feet and bills

They show their sizes here by sitting in a dessert spoon, and in a palm. The smallest is the centre duckling - 3,5 "  the first measures 4" and the last 4, 7"

Showing off his oversized bill and webbed feet which were made from Apoxy Sculpt , dried, sanded, painted and then sealed.

showing foot detail

 the first 2 have feet made from yellow Ultrasuede.

The usual techniques of scissor sculpting  the fur pile. needlesculpting and hand shading have combined to give each duckling his own looks and personality.

sitting on eggs

they all have black beady eyes made from English glass and are all filled with polyfibre for bulk and softness, and loads of pellets and steel shot giving them weight and a  solid feel in the hand. 

Would love to take this opportunity to wish all my viewers a happy Easter

  1. Happy Easter!

    Beautiful little chicks.

  2. Yoiur little chicks re so delightful.

  3. they were fun to make. Thanks guys. xx


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