Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Who's hiding in the Teacup?

                           My goodness me.......it's a tiny teacup piglet

Yes, we know you're a teacup piglet but climb out please so we can admire you.


Poinky is a pink piglet who oinks a lot.....hence his silly name.
Made from the softest longpile Sassy velvet in pastel pink, with inner ears of a matching ultrasuede.

His black beady eyes are rimmed with pink eyelids  and made from black German glass. He stands 4,5 cms high.

Like all piglets he has a curly tail which has been wired for poseability.
He has an Eddybare label sewn unobtrusively behind his right front forelimb. Poinky has sweet little trotters.   A ton of needle sculpting has been done to achieve his facial characteristics.
  1. Sweet little pig get out of that cup or you might get a hot bottom.
    He is so tiny and cute.


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