Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter biscuits

Unfortunately no new animal today.  Promise I will have an awesome dog for you in just a couple more days........check this space!

Today it's something different.  Yummy, festive Easter biscuits - such fun to make and very therapeutic too!  My sincere apologies you can't taste how fabulous they are.  My thanks always to the beautiful and talented Roxanne Floquet for her recipe and for teaching me this artform.

Been a busy bee in the kitchen making iced vanilla bean biscuits for Easter.

butterflies, bunnies, chicks, eggs etc

workstation.....ready to rock and roll

oh in my nightshirt.....oh well it was the wee hours of the morning

icing colours ready for piping and flooding .......and paper cones all made

most pass muster but a couple have dodgy eyes  

few tiny gifts for the dancing girls

  1. Your biscuits look so proffesional. Love them so much. Congratulations.

  2. thanks Kay.......take so long to make and so quick to eat. :) They great fun and the kids just love them.


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