Thursday, March 23, 2017

coming soon

 from simple bits and pieces

to another little sweetie

waiting till I have finished a whole tribe of animals  made before I photograph and post them properly.  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I'm back

It's a long while since I posted here but I have not been idle.   I just havent made anything to sell.   Last year I hand embroidered a baby blanket for my friend's daughter............a very special woman, a warrior,  who has endured and conquered so much, and always with a smile and formidable spirit. Her positive attitude inspires all who know her.   As we had all lived in Botswana some years ago and spent endless holidays in the Okavango and Zimbabwe I decided to go with a wild animal the bush was, and still is very much a part of our lives. 

 Here is adorable baby Kayden on his  embroidered blanket

A couple of the animal details

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Group photo

Had a great deal of fun making this group of babies.   Some in diapers, a couple with baby bottles.   Here they are all together.  

a fistful of friends  

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bru Bear

Introducing baby Bru.  He is Honey Bunny's brother.

5 ways jointed
firmly filled with polyfibre
brown eyes
hand embroidered and hand shaded

what you looking at?

fawn coloured Ultrasuede inner ears and paws
Soft silvery-grey longpile velvet

wired ears and limbs for posing
hop hop hop
chilling in Dad's pocket
cuddle bunnies

includes international Postage and Packaging 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Bunny my Honey

Another pocket pal, and one of the Baby Brigade. I have called this  little bunny Honey.
Made from the most beautiful longpile velvet.  I can hardly describe the colour......its not quite faun, not quite beige, nor grey,  a slight lilac hue to the 'greigey'  colour.  Really lovely, and unusual. 

Five ways jointed, with armature in limbs and ears. 

firmly stuffed with polyfibre filling

Hand embroidered facial features and black glass eyes

embroidered feet

White wool felted diaper and fluffy tail

standing height 4 inches from the tops of the ears
snug as a little bug in Dad's pocket

Adoption Fee $87
(includes International Postage and Packaging)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Gilli the bearcub

Please welcome Gilli, another 3 inch bear cub.
 Made from soft extra length velvet and suede
Black glass eyes
Hand shaded and hand embroidered features

I love having my furry tummy tickled!

armature in arms for posing

hand embroidered nose and feet
fully jointed

wo bear cubs and one pup........quite a handful


this includes international postage and packaging 


Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Baby Brigade

Over the next week  I will be introducing you to some new tiny creations.  They are part of my "Baby Brigade".  


Amber is 2.5 inches sitting and 3 inches standing

She is made from sparse longpile  velvet and has lovely mottled suede paws

Black glass eyes

embroidered, waxed black nose

5 ways jointed

polyfibre filling

Wearing a needlefelted nappy

Adoption Price $75 

International postage and packaging $12 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fennec Fox

Francesca is the sweetest little fennec fox, with a lovely smile.  She was created from my own design.

13 cms tall 

Made from the softest longpile Alpaca which I have subtely shaded with hints of beige, fawn, and rosey cream coloured pastels 

Shiny black English glass eyes, with embroidered white accent.

Her nose is sculpted from Apoxy clay, sanded, sealed and then painted black.

Horsehair whiskers.

Stuffed with polyfibre filling . Tail wired for posing.

I needed to lengthen her muzzle to make it more realistic, so the fur in that area was first plucked out and then needlefelted, before rerooting Alpaca strands back onto the muzzle. The new muzzle area was then scissor sculpted.  This process is extremely time consuming but makes a great difference to the end look.  

fluffy white tail with internal wire armature

fluffy tail keeps her warm and cosy

Francesca will be  available for adoption on Ebay now