Sunday, April 30, 2017

Panda Bear ready for Adoption

 Hope you enjoyed the work-in-progress pictures  -  here he is all finished.  

Panda stands 9,5 inches tall
seated 7 inches
made from mohair
locline spine and wired limbs for movement and posing
black glass eyes
nose sculpted from Apoxy Sculpt, sanded, painted and sealed
filled with steel shot for nice weight
and polyfibre for softness
His facial features achieved by sewing, removing mohair and needlefelting his muzzle to desired shape....then rooting all mohair strands back into face.  Time consuming endeavour but gives realism to face
paw pads are needlefelted 

Available to purchase in etsy shop


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Panda work in Progress

I thought it'd be interesting to post some work-in-progress pictures of my newest creation. 
This panda bear unfortunately does not look attractive until he is finished, but I can assure you he will be a handsome boy bear. 

removing the mohair

spiders?    Or the start of some paws?

needlefelting a muzzle

checking symmetry
hopefully both profiles look alike

all mohair has been rooted back in.    

Hope you liked these photos.  Tomorrow I will make panda some claws for his paws and then he will be listed on my etsy page 

I am happy with the way he is progressing.   There is a balance to be found between realistic and cute.   I think I have achieved that here.   Your comments are always welcome.