Thursday, January 28, 2016



Pampoen is about 10 inches tall and can stand, sit and walk on all fours

Pampoen is pronounced 'Pumpun' and is the Afrikaans word for  a pumpkin. 
Made of dense alpaca fur and  mohair

Dark brown English glass eyes, with white accents

Black leather eyelids 

White horsehair whiskers

Hand sculpted Apoxy-Sculpt nose, that has been sanded , painted and sealed

Hand sculpted Apoxy-Sculpt clay claws that are painted and sealed

Four ways jointed.  The limbs are reinforced with wire armature.

There is no neck joint so his head does not turn from side to side. Instead there is flexible plastic spine running from his head down to the tip of tail. His head will therefore move up and down, tilt in all directions and allow for lots of posing positions.

He is filled with polyester fibre fill and wool

To create his unique look, I have trimmed away the fur on his face and then needlefelted the shape of his muzzle with wool fibre and special barbed needles that matt the wool fibres together.  Then I have rooted individual mohair strands back into the felted muzzle to create a natural and furry look.  This process takes many hours and much eye strain!

Pampoen's unique look has been achieved by extensive scissor sculpting, hand shading, and needle sculpting techniques.  Many hours have gone into his creation.

He has an Eddybare label attached to his centre back

Pampoen has his pumpkin with him in case he needs a snack... That is his favourite food.

I usually sketch, design and create all my own patterns in miniature form.   This raccoon however was created using the pattern of a well-known bear artist by the name of Mary Jardin Wimberley.  I adapted it in a number of ways to make my raccoon unique with its own  look and personality.  Mary's original pattern can be purchased from her Etsy shop here

My home is smoke-free.

 Pampoen is so delightful to play with.  I have taken many photos of him.   

He will listed on auction on Ebay this Sunday.

with mum before I got my whiskers

I have sharp claws

I am allowed on the furniture!

when nobody plays with me then I play with my pumpkin


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

WIP Raccoon

George Cooney is nearly finished .  Just some minor details,  and some whiskers still needed.   He will be sold on Ebay soon.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Whose nose is this?

             Georgie is wondering what creature is soon going to be wearing this huge nose?

Coming soon....