Thursday, August 6, 2015


Beezy Bear stands 14.5cms tall
Seated he is 9.5cms

Made from synthetic faux fur,  Italian viscose and Ultrasuede

His face was sewn, then a muzzle needlefelted, and finally mohair was rooted back into postion.

Nose was needlefelted, and repeatedly sealed and sanded before being painted and resealed.

Large German glass eye with white accents and black lids.

His paws have been needlesculpted and handshaded.

His mouth is scissor sculpted and shaded subtly.

Beezy is heavy in the hand.  He has a lot of metal shot in his belly, as well as polyfibre.

an Eddybare Creations label is discreetly sewn into the back.

5 ways jointed allowing him to move and turn his head.

Work in Progress -  Beezy Bear