Saturday, May 9, 2015


      Punkin is a newborn wild cat who loves to sleep .

  Made from Schulte faux fur in a rich brown with pale tips.

  Here he shows off his luxurious coat and punky hairdo

 Punkin's features have been fashioned from needlesculpting and extensive scissoring.
 Large bright eyes give him an endearing look and his little nose has been crafted from  Apoxy - Sculpt which has been sanded, painted and sealed

He has been firmly filled with polyfibre and steel shot for weight. 
5ways jointed .
        He can stand but is still a bit wobbly - he needs his bushy tail to help him balance.  
    He prefers to be carried !

   He measures 14 cms high ( 5,5 inches) when standing. His limbs  and ears are Sassy Longpile velvet in a contrasting beige colour.  His markings are from handshading with oils.  

 Punkin is starting to look sleepy again!  Better put him back to bed.

 Sweet dreams

Punkin is looking for his forever home.  You can adopt him from Bearpile

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