Friday, January 9, 2015

Habibi the Camel

Habibi is a  one-humped, knobbly-kneed camel made from sandy-beige Mohair.

She has been designed and created by myself in a smoke-free, cat-friendly home.

She stands 25cm tall.

English glass eyes with sooty lashes and big shaggy eyebrows.

She has a Locline spine allowing her head and neck to move for posing.

Her body is unjointed but her limbs are wired with armature allowing minimal posing.

I used polyfibre to stuff her body

To keep her features realistic I have used various techniques - needlesculpting, scissor sculpting, and toning with oil.

Her saddle blanket has been handmade, embroidered and beaded whilst her bridle is made from plaited brown leather .

The smaller camel  stands at 8,5 cms and is fashioned from longpile Cashmere. 

Neither of these camels are designed for children under the age of 12 years as they contain metal and sharp parts.



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