Thursday, August 6, 2015


Beezy Bear stands 14.5cms tall
Seated he is 9.5cms

Made from synthetic faux fur,  Italian viscose and Ultrasuede

His face was sewn, then a muzzle needlefelted, and finally mohair was rooted back into postion.

Nose was needlefelted, and repeatedly sealed and sanded before being painted and resealed.

Large German glass eye with white accents and black lids.

His paws have been needlesculpted and handshaded.

His mouth is scissor sculpted and shaded subtly.

Beezy is heavy in the hand.  He has a lot of metal shot in his belly, as well as polyfibre.

an Eddybare Creations label is discreetly sewn into the back.

5 ways jointed allowing him to move and turn his head.

Work in Progress -  Beezy Bear

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Made from Alpaca and Ultrasuede

Large green English glass eyes
Black leather eyelids.

Nose fashioned from Apoxy Sculpt that has been sanded, painted and sealed.

5 ways jointed with wired armiture in limbs

Oil toning and handshading.

Needlefelted muzzle

This Tabby kitten has a fat tummy filled with steel shot and polyfibre.   It has a lovely weight to it, and yet is still soft and squishy

Katja and Elly are great friends and playmates. Elly is created from my own design - stands only 4cms high and is made from Sassy longpile velvet, and Ultrasuede. Katja is created from a pattern designed by Elena Golofaeva.  


Saturday, July 4, 2015

By Janet Polley

14 cms  tall and made from the softed faux fur
His nose has been hand embroidered, sealed and glazed
 Large and soulful deep brown eyes in English glass, with white accents
hand embroidered smiley mouth

Toning done with pastels

needle sculpted Ultrasuede pawpads

filled with polyfibre and steel shot. His fat tummy is soft to touch yet well weighted as all plump bears should be.

He has a bonny little tail and of course his Eddybare label
5 ways jointed


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cheetah cub
By Janet Polley

2.3 inches (6 centimeters)

This miniature cheetah cub is made from synthetic faux

 black glass eyes and black plastic nose

so tiny and loves to be carried around

Seated - 6cms      Standing -8cms

 Little paw pads have been needlesculpted and hand embroidered

5 ways jointed with a wired tail

I am lucky to live in Africa and see these beautiful creatures at home in our bushveldt. I have always wanted to make one. Their facial markings are wonderful. I just wish you could all hear the little 'pip pip' sounds they make when calling each other.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hobbes  the Miniature Tiger 

7 cms

made from Sassy longpile velvet

German glass eyes and plastic nose

 unjointed body

jointed head

wired tail

 hand shaded with oil toning

body stuffed firmly with polyfibre.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Mila is a little Jack Russell female who stands 7cm tall

made from Sassy longpile velvet and tan ultrasuede.  Her collar is suede and beaded

this little darling is the length of my baby finger

jointed head allowing her to turn her head from side to side

unjointed body with an internal armature .  She stands firmly on the ground

Mila is firmly filled with polyfibre.

She looks forward to finding her new home.

embroidered paws