Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 is the year of the Sheep

This is the result of an online workshop I took over the festive season.   It is run by Katya Bespalova , one of the most talented soft sculpture artists.

Although I sketch, design and create my own original patterns for my animals, every once in a while it is wonderful to attempt the patterns of other artists to learn new styles and techniques, or a more innovative way to achieve a certain result.  I cannot and will not share any of her ideas or techniques here, but highly recommend anyone who is interested to join one of her classes.  Isn't the internet amazing......Here I am in sunny Cape Town doing a workshop with Katya who lives in Nova-Sibirsk.   Everything is explained easily and there are tutorial videos to watch. It truly felt like I was in an 'actual' and not 'virtual' classroom.  

My last sweet fox was also one of her online classes.

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