Thursday, October 24, 2013


A new design at last.   Meet Rafi, my silver fox.
He is made from silver-grey Mohair and his white , fluffy bits are from longpile velvet. 

Standing 16cms tall 

11 cm when  seated

Rafi has very expressive eyes.  The white accents and eyelids are needlefelted.  His eyes are British glass.

Highlighting his sculpted nose which was handcrafted from Apoxy-Sculpt and then sanded, painted black and varnished to a healthy shine.

He loves playing with his one-horned goat, Billy

Rafi loves to hunt and spends hours in this position.... waiting patiently for Monty to appear.  For those of you who don't know Monty.......then it's time to go and visit his creator, Sue McLearie.  She does wonderful work and there's tons to browse on her website.

Jointed in 5 places and fully wired with armiture, posing is easy

showing off his needlefelted pawpads

    My Eddybare tag is stitched into his centre back

Rafi has a long bushy tail tipped with white longpile fabric.  I've scissor sculpted his face to give him expression.  His tonal colours were achieved by hand shading with alcohol ink. Like all foxes his hearing is acute and his ears are large.

Rafi and Billy are sold as a pair.   I would be reluctant to separate them.


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