Monday, October 14, 2013

lamb pie anyone?


Lola is my newest soft sculpture.  She is a little lamb and stands taller than most of my usual creations.  She is 13cms tall and seated she is 10,5cms

Her  body ,head and ta are made from imported Tyber synthetic and her paws and ears are from viscose.

Lola has English glass eyes with a white accent underneath.  Her eyelids are needlefelted.  The face, nose and mouth have been needle-felted, hand shaded, and needlesculpted.

The fuschia ribbon travels with her and she wears i... depending on her mood ....and the weather!

Lola was great fun to make and  she oozes personality.  She has a fluffy tail.
5 ways jointed so she can move her head and limbs; and pose.  Nicely weighted with steel shot and filled with polyfibre.


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