Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hibou  and Chouette

I made these two owlets as gifts for two special people. The smaller, fatter one is Hibou ;  Chouette is just a tad larger. Both names mean 'owl' in French and of course Chouette can also mean 'cute, smashing or great'.


Both little owls are under 5 inches tall.
Tawny-brown, streaky mohair in a longpile was chosen as the primary material; with the softest white Alpaca for the facial and chest feathering. Inner wings are made from Ultrasuede.
Eyelids  have been needlefelted. 

I used English Glass buzzard eyes for them both.

Apoxy-sculpt was used to create the bills, and the feet. When dried, they were  sanded, sealed and painted.  They stand well.

Wobble-jointed heads ensure they can rotate their heads almost full circle while they search for prey.

The lovely long fur allowed for thread and scissor sculpting giving them their cute features.

Fully wired wings to assist in posing.

Filled with polyfibre plus lots of steel shot for weight.

 I will be making a limited edition of these owls, so if you are interested in ordering one please inbox me.