Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Buzz is a miniature Schnauzer standing 10,5 cms   ( 4 inches )

Different shades of slate grey Mohair and xxlong pile velvet ,  White alpaca , and pinky-grey velvet were the materials I used.  

Premium English glass eyes  with white accents of ultrasuede

handsculpted nose of Apoxy Sculpt that was dried, sanded, sealed and painted.

5 ways thread and cotterpin jointed with some wobble joints for extra poseability

hand embroidered paw pads

needlefelting and extensive rooting of mohair.

threadscupting and tons of scissor sculpting or grooming!

full internal armature as well as poseable and wired tail and ears.

Filled firmly with polyfibre and steel shot for weight.

Buzz is attached to his brown tartan blanket and he has a handmade forest green collar around his neck.



  1. Love this little furry child. He has the most wonderful face!

  2. Adorable little fellow. I love all the poses. Wendy is right, he has the most wonderful face.

  3. buz is a wonderful dog. i love him

    hugs from sylvia

  4. thanks for leaving comments. Always makes me happy to know someone actually looks :) Really appreciate it.

    and my sincere thanks to you Joan for your tutorials on rooting in mohair......takes forever but was thrilled with end result


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