Thursday, October 24, 2013


A new design at last.   Meet Rafi, my silver fox.
He is made from silver-grey Mohair and his white , fluffy bits are from longpile velvet. 

Standing 16cms tall 

11 cm when  seated

Rafi has very expressive eyes.  The white accents and eyelids are needlefelted.  His eyes are British glass.

Highlighting his sculpted nose which was handcrafted from Apoxy-Sculpt and then sanded, painted black and varnished to a healthy shine.

He loves playing with his one-horned goat, Billy

Rafi loves to hunt and spends hours in this position.... waiting patiently for Monty to appear.  For those of you who don't know Monty.......then it's time to go and visit his creator, Sue McLearie.  She does wonderful work and there's tons to browse on her website.

Jointed in 5 places and fully wired with armiture, posing is easy

showing off his needlefelted pawpads

    My Eddybare tag is stitched into his centre back

Rafi has a long bushy tail tipped with white longpile fabric.  I've scissor sculpted his face to give him expression.  His tonal colours were achieved by hand shading with alcohol ink. Like all foxes his hearing is acute and his ears are large.

Rafi and Billy are sold as a pair.   I would be reluctant to separate them.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Coming soon.......Sneak preview

A new design to join my menagerie.  Hope to have it with you some time this week........Just fine-tuning a few details.   It's a cutie-pops!

Monday, October 14, 2013

lamb pie anyone?


Lola is my newest soft sculpture.  She is a little lamb and stands taller than most of my usual creations.  She is 13cms tall and seated she is 10,5cms

Her  body ,head and ta are made from imported Tyber synthetic and her paws and ears are from viscose.

Lola has English glass eyes with a white accent underneath.  Her eyelids are needlefelted.  The face, nose and mouth have been needle-felted, hand shaded, and needlesculpted.

The fuschia ribbon travels with her and she wears i... depending on her mood ....and the weather!

Lola was great fun to make and  she oozes personality.  She has a fluffy tail.
5 ways jointed so she can move her head and limbs; and pose.  Nicely weighted with steel shot and filled with polyfibre.


Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hibou  and Chouette

I made these two owlets as gifts for two special people. The smaller, fatter one is Hibou ;  Chouette is just a tad larger. Both names mean 'owl' in French and of course Chouette can also mean 'cute, smashing or great'.


Both little owls are under 5 inches tall.
Tawny-brown, streaky mohair in a longpile was chosen as the primary material; with the softest white Alpaca for the facial and chest feathering. Inner wings are made from Ultrasuede.
Eyelids  have been needlefelted. 

I used English Glass buzzard eyes for them both.

Apoxy-sculpt was used to create the bills, and the feet. When dried, they were  sanded, sealed and painted.  They stand well.

Wobble-jointed heads ensure they can rotate their heads almost full circle while they search for prey.

The lovely long fur allowed for thread and scissor sculpting giving them their cute features.

Fully wired wings to assist in posing.

Filled with polyfibre plus lots of steel shot for weight.

 I will be making a limited edition of these owls, so if you are interested in ordering one please inbox me. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I am taking a month or two break from bear / animal creating.  I have a couple of other projects on the go which require my full-time attention - including a dancing exam I need to practice for;  and a school reunion.  I can't believe its 40 years since I left school.  Yikes!!!  

I miss the peace and quiet of my lovely workroom, the sketching and designing of  new patterns......the choosing of suitable of fabrics, and the exciting process of watching my animals come 'alive'.

I'd like to thank my followers and supporters.... both collectors and friends....for their interest, purchases and enthusiastic comments.   I'll be back just as soon as I possibly can.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Buzz is a miniature Schnauzer standing 10,5 cms   ( 4 inches )

Different shades of slate grey Mohair and xxlong pile velvet ,  White alpaca , and pinky-grey velvet were the materials I used.  

Premium English glass eyes  with white accents of ultrasuede

handsculpted nose of Apoxy Sculpt that was dried, sanded, sealed and painted.

5 ways thread and cotterpin jointed with some wobble joints for extra poseability

hand embroidered paw pads

needlefelting and extensive rooting of mohair.

threadscupting and tons of scissor sculpting or grooming!

full internal armature as well as poseable and wired tail and ears.

Filled firmly with polyfibre and steel shot for weight.

Buzz is attached to his brown tartan blanket and he has a handmade forest green collar around his neck.



Tuesday, May 21, 2013



Bean is a tiny bear cub, under 3 " tall ( stands 7,6 cms)

Made from xlong pile velvet

hand embroidered nose and mouth

ultrasuede needle scultpured paw pads 

cotter pin joint at head

limbs string jointed

premium glass eyes

oil toning


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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Please welcome my latest creation, hand-sewn from my original design in a smoke-free environment

Kimi is  a West Highland Terrier pup.   She has been named after the talented Kim Niles of KiniArt  .  Kim is an illustrator and artist of note, and I love her whimsical pet art.  Go take a look!

Soft, white Alpaca with long pile was chosen for this project.   
Premium glass eyes with needlesculpted eyelids
Her nose was fashioned from Apoxy-Sculpt;  sanded down, and then painted.

I embroidered her pudgy little paw pads with DMC threads before handshading them.

Kimi sits beautifully but is rather unsteady standing.  Her limbs are string-jointed allowing her to adopt many positions.  She has a wobble joint in her head, which makes her head tilt to any side - giving her that cute curious look.  Her body has been stuffed firmly with polyfibre and metal shot for weight.

Her face has been needle-felted and thread sculpted. Scissor sculpting was a challenge and I used lots of downloaded pictures off the net to help me groom her fur.  Once I was happy with the shaping I hand shaded her

Her pointy ears which are typical to the breed have pink suede on the inner side

who's the cutest?

She is 10cms tall when seated and can easily fit in....... a hand

                                                  ...............or a teacup

She is playful and loves nothing more than to play games with you. Her tail is wired internally allowing for poseability.......but generally it's up and perky!

Continue to ignore her, then she will paw you and give you that  quizzical look
....'Is that computer with 'virtual' Westies more fun than me?"

Her favourite game is her tennis ball........apart from chasing lizards, and rats, and of course she loves to dig up the garden.  She is a terrier after all!

fast asleep and all stretched out

                                     Kimi sleeps on her warm crocheted blanket.

one tired little terrier

Kimi's collar has been handmade in a dusky pink Ultrasuede with a blanket stitch detail.  She seems to prefer chewing it, then wearing it.

She was made with lots of love and makes me smile each time I look at her.  Lots more pictures of her.....can't stop photographing her.

 More images of this sweetheart

why wont they play with me?
oh well, i'll just take a nap

Please note that this creation is a collector's item and only intended for display purposes. It is not for children or pets.