Friday, October 12, 2012

Wondering where I am?

When I started this blog it was really just for myself......a platform to showcase my work and  my animal creations.  Somehow it helped me to look at my designs with a more critical eye.   I was amazed  that outsiders from far afield  would arrive on my page, intentionally or maybe by chance, to enjoy my creations.Still cant believe over 3000 people have visited my blog and from 53 different countries. Feels wonderful actually, so thank you all very much for that!

I tried to keep the blog specific to designing and creating animals and not go into personal aspects of my life. For once I will deviate a bit.

I have been away well over a month now and will probably not have much to show you for another month I thought a brief  explanation for my appreciative fans was necessary.  
As you can see by the chosen colour script I've selected, I was diagnosed with very, very early stage breast cancer........thanks to early detection with routine mammogram.  How could this be happening?.......I feel so well and  fit, I dance and do gym 4x a week; and besides , I feel 30 years old, not 56!  A big shock it was.   X-Rays, tests, biopsies......... waiting for results, surgeon's visit and finally the waiting for  surgery.

what a wonderful workshop with the inspirational, talented and charming Lian Quan Zhen

I was so fortunate. A while back I had put my name down for a watercolour workshop with the amazing Lian Zhen and this workshop was just in that final week of waiting!  What a privilege and fun-filled four days it was. My mind was full of colours, blending , birds , trees and nature......and no thoughts of needles and operations entered my head.

on my way into theatre 

at home

Dear friends spoilt me with these yummy brownies....apparently "one can't get through the day without these."  This is absolutely true!  Even the bow is designed to lift one's spirits.

I am home now, still feeling great, still feeling positive, and hardly sore at all.
I am waiting for my sister to come and visit me - counting down the days. We will have such lovely family time together.

Only after that visit  will I be back sketching, designing and cutting out new creations to show you very shortly. Please be patient with me. 

I leave you with a few pictures of my darling Jack Russells who are no more...but remain always in my heart.  Will probably be making many more of these in the future as life without a Russell is just not the same......even a JR in your pocket  is better than nothing!


 my miniature Georgie

my miniature Lucy