Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sally - teacup piglet

Normally I only work in neutral colours, but at the "Teddy fair" I found a soft, pastel, ice-creamy pink.....a perfect piggy-pink.

Inspiration for my design came from a favourite coffee mug.  I originally sketched a sleek, skinny pig but it just didn't look right. With each alteration my piglet became porkier and plumper.

Well, after all, we all know piggies love their food. 

First I named her Salami but then quickly changed that to Sally.  I would hate her to think she may one day be eaten.  'Quel horreur' ! Perish the thought. Even stuffed pigs have feelings!

Sally is five-ways jointed and stuffed very firmly.  I have needle and scissor sculpted her face to give her  a typical porcine appearance.  Small onyx eyes, a wrinkly snout and embroidered mouth finish off her features.

 Sally stands 1,5 inches high and just 3 inches tall when she stands on tip-toes.

This little porker has tiny cloven feet and a wired, curly tail. A tiny 'Eddybare' label is neatly sewn behind her foreleg.

  1. She is a tiny little porker. I like the name Sally best, she might feel bad about Salami.

  2. Sally is so sweet ;o)


  3. she ist a little porky, and i love it. 7 cm is so mini and so sweet

    Lg von Sylvia

  4. very porky indeed Sylvia :) Thanks to you all for your sweet, encouraging comments x


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