Friday, July 27, 2012

Lazy Days

Just thought I'd post a few pictures here to prove I am alive and well........albeit very unproductive at the moment.  

Experiencing a wonderful Cape Town winter with low temperatures and loads of rain. I've been spending my spare time reading books, dancing and baking.  My mind continues to spin with all the projects I want to begin......but dont......  resulting in ..........yip you got it.......nothing!

Pippa cuddling the piggy

Super excited for the start of the Olympics.  I shall be glued to the telly for the Gymnastics and Diving and of course all the Athletics.

Lily bonds with Sally

My plan and intention is to sort out pattern pieces, sift through shades of velvets and suedes;  cut out furiously,  then sit and handsew whilst watching the box.......hopefully I will have new animals in a month or so.

  1. What gorgious pictures of your pussy cats. I do love cats so much, and I see they love that little pig.

  2. thanks Kay. My cats make me smile all day long. x

  3. what lovely pictures, the cats are wonderful and so relaxed

    love greats from Sylvia by the Mäsywi-bären


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