Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Digby is another Basset hound creation.  I love how these dogs are all out of proportion and quirky.  Their bodies are way too long for their wrinkly, crooked legs......and their ears and flews are far too long as well. 

Digby's smooth coat is fashioned from a white velvet and two shades of brown. His inner ears and eye whites are suede.  His fur is a little large for his body which give him his wrinkly ankles.

He has five cotter-pin joints allowing him lots of movement and posing positions. He is filled with poyfibre stuffing. His eyes are black German glass.

Digby loves to sleep and stretch out on the bed with his long ears flopping every which way!

He adopts very cute poses to entice you to throw his ball for him......who can resist this little face?

Like all Basset hounds, he is short and long......and measures 6cms when standing;  from nose to tail he measures 9cms

A brass bell hangs from his brown ultrasuede collar.

Here he is posing with his mate Marmalade. 
  1. 6cm are you sure??? I'm kidding. How little is that. You must have very good eyes.

  2. my eyes are dreadful Kay.......thank heavens for clip-on magnifiers......dont know what i'd do without them.

  3. wow the picture at last is so sweet, there are a dream-team

    love greats from sylvia

  4. they are good friends :)
    thanks Sylvia


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