Sunday, June 3, 2012

Major - the Basset Hound pup

Basset hounds were originally bred for the purpose of hunting rabbits. Their sense of smell for tracking is second only to that of the Bloodhound. The name Basset is derived from the French word bas, meaning "low", with the attenuating suffix -et, together meaning "rather low". Basset Hounds are usually bi or tricoloured .


Major is a tri-coloured pup fashioned from caramel, red-brown and white vintage longpile velvet.  Like all of his breed he is short and solid, holding his curved sabre tail high over his long back.

 Everett Millais, founder of the modern Basset Hound, is quoted as saying "Oh, he's about 4 feet long and 12 inches high." in reference to his French basset.   Our little Major stands only 5,5 cms high!

He fits very snugly into the palm of my hand

Major has many cute poses to entice you to play with him.

His eyes are German glass  and his nose and mouth are hand embroidered .

The Basset is known for its saggy-baggy loose skin, and big dewlaps - which cause it to have a sad look. Needle and scissor sculpting helped me achieve this effect.

He has very long ears in two shades of caramel .

 Major wears a brown ultrasuede collar a with a brass bell.

Major has been 5 ways cotter-pin and wobble jointed allowing him plenty of movement and poses. He has been firmly stuffed with polyfibre

He is not very obedient but has mastered the 'sit' command.....

A big stretch from this tired little pup who bids you good night
  1. What a teeny tiny little puppy. Major is wonderful.

  2. So tiny and sweet. I am always so impressed by all the detail you pack into your little creations.

  3. thanks Kay and Joanne _ I had a lot of fun making him :)


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