Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Bunnies

 Busy Easter Bunnies

Easter Bunnies all over the world are very busy tonight.  So many eggs to hide for so many children.  They better hurry! 

Rosie, Posie and Wally hopping around madly


Rosie and Posie are made from two different patterns I have been experimenting with.  Both are made from longpile velvet in a pastel lilac shade, and white faux fur.

Posie is only 5,5 cms high. Her head is cotterpin jointed and her forelimbs are sting jointed.  She has long whiskers and furry fuzzy cheeks.

It seems like Wally is quite taken with her and not too keen on working!

Rosie is taller at 7 cms  and is 5 ways jointed.  She sits, runs and hops, and can turn her head in all directions. Her cheeks have been scissor sculpted.  Like Posie she has a seriously fluffy white tail.

Time for a group photo

 The bunnies and I would like to wish all our friends a very Happy Easter
  1. Dear little bunnies, I hope you are resting after a busy night. You are all fantastic.

  2. They are all so cute. I love the little brown fellow the best.

  3. Thank you Kay and Joanne. I also prefer the brown bunny - its a bit more realistic!


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