Sunday, April 15, 2012


Alfie is nothing but a hound dog!  His coat is a mix  Sassy longpile velvet  and rough suede in honey and rufus tones. 

He is 3 inches tall standing on his hind paws but a mere 4cms high when standing on all fours.  His tiny size enables him to fit easily in the palm of a hand, or be popped into one's pocket.  He likes to accompany his owner everywhere and is well behaved.

His muzzle is square from extensive needle and scissor sculpting with a hand shaded and embroidered lower lip.

Suede and velvet eye-sockets were created to house his German glass black eyes.  His nose is black resin.

HIs hind paw pads have been realistically needle-sculpted ,then  embroidered with DMC cotton thread.

Alfie has a wobble-jointed head allowing him to adopt multiple head positions. His limbs are string jointed. His forelimbs have wire armature to assist in movement and posing. 

Nobody knows who his father was.... but we suspect it was a terrier of sorts, judging by the shape of his adorable ears.

He wears a furry collar embroided with antique metallic thread and sporting two tinkly brass bells.

Alfie is stuffed very firmly with polyfibre filling...and a whole lot of love too!
Due to the small parts he contains he is not intended for children or pets.

  1. thanks Joanne. Must say i'm quite fond of him too :)

  2. Faszination pur , wonderful i dont have more words for this dog, i love it

    love greats from sylvia from the mäsywi-Bears


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