Saturday, March 10, 2012

Humph .......the camel

Humph, the camel

 Been a while..... but here is my second camel.  I have called him Humph as I thought that was a mighty-fine camel name!  

Humph stands 9,5 cms high.   He is made from a soft, tan, longpile cashmere with sparse longpile chosen for his ears. His  scruffy neck and tail have long strands of mohair and alpaca rooted into the coat.

Humph has large German glass eyes which are fringed with sooty eyelashes.    His face has been extensively needle-sculpted to create his unique facial features and give him a slightly regal bearing. His long floppy lower lip gives me a smiley, happy expression.

An internal, wire armature helps Humph to stand firmly; allows him limited movement  and aids in posing.  His head swivels from side to side thanks to a cotter-pin joint.   He has been stuffed firmly with polyfibre  from his head to his hump to his cute, camel toes.

His camel blanket has been embroidered in colour-fast DMC threads with cottons, perlé thread, silks and metallic thread;  and adorned with beads and tassels.  His bridle is  mustard-coloured ultraseude and the reins are plaited DMC.

This camel is destined to travel across the seas to a special person in the UK.

Please email me if you'd like to order a camel.

  1. I believe people are battling to leave comments.....I'm hoping I have managed to fix this glitch now. Your comments are appreciated and valued!

  2. He is so detailed, I had to get my ruler out to see how little he is. I love everything about him. His blanket and accessories, everything, so well done.

  3. that makes my day Joanne. Thank you so much. Praise from you is the highest praise indeed.

  4. Humph would like you to know that he is happily settled in the UK with the three bears and his English cousin.

  5. PS He stands in pride of place in my consulting room and brings me inspiration. I love his colourful camel blanket and the soft whispy hair on his neck ... and symbolically I hold him very dear to give strength to those in the desert. THank you for this treasure from the bottom of my heart xxxx

  6. You are so welcome. I am happy he is with you! xxx


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