Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All things CAMEL

I haven't been idle since my last entry. Just slow!  I have been wanting to design a camel for ages, but keep procrastinating in fear it won't turn out just the way I envisage.  I have an image in my mind and nothing else will do.  After endless research and sketching  I started with the head, because if that doesn't look right then there's no purpose in continuing.  Unfortunately the first and second prototypes were awful so I still have nothing to show you.  I'm back at the drawing board, adjusting and tweaking ......and improving.

What I can show you are some items around my home and nearby  - yes ....all camel thingys....... which are motivating me to press on until I succeed. And I will eventually -  just watch this space!

This is Izak, and he lives at Imhoff's Farm in Kommetjie, not more than a couple of kilometres from my home.  Isn't he just so special!  I am often to be found on the farm taking photos of Izak and his mates.  Their coats never cease to amaze me ; so many different  colours and textures....ranging from pale cream to tan, light gold and rusty beige.  We will not mention their teeth apart from adding that my camel will not have any teeth!

Izak, Humphrey and Ezekiel waiting to give rides.

I am hoping to show you my finished camel in a couple of weeks.  But till then, I leave you with some pictures of camels I have lying around my home.

Once-upon-a-time I learned how to weave using an old tomato box as a loom.  I only made 2 items. Here they are:

bell - pull

woven cushion to match the bell - pull

I seem to flit from one handcraft to another but most of my work features animals with camels often featuring. Above you will see my first  attempt at long and short stitch in embroidery.

Below is my oak monk bench which I found in a pawn shop. I sanded and restored the oak and had it re-upholstered and covered in this divine fabric. 

That 's about all the camels I have in my home, apart from some framed prints

I adore Indian elephants as well . The top two pictures hang in my bedroom and the photo beneath is in my lounge

My dear friend  Estelle who lives in Dubai sent me this little book which I adore. Its one of those flip through books that bring all the images to life.  Check out these crazy camel expressions.  I think my camel will have a huge lower lip! 

Till then........

  1. You are an inspiration, and very very talented ...and I just can't say it enough. Thank you for all the joy you bring. Can't wait to see you imminent camel - and then could you see your way to a guinea fowl!!

  2. thanks for lovely comments. Will put guinea fowl onto my 'to do' list ....should be easy peasy after this silly camel!


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