Friday, December 2, 2011

from bears to Macarons

Oh the joys of changing one's i have lost my entire blog from this morning. That would be just fine if I knew what i did, or what I did wrong, but I am still clueless as to where it all went. Well, on the bright side this "papyrus" font is  indeed splendid.

I took a break from creating my new jack russell design and headed for the kitchen to bake Vanilla macarons. Armed with my new book by Jill Colonna "Mad About Macarons.   I carefully and yes, digitally Jill, measured all the ingredients.

I followed  the clear, concise instructions to the T and was thrilled with my first attempt. Can highly recommend this book to anyone who loves macarons . Why pay a fortune for these delectable treats if you can make them yourself.  Here are some pics .

checking the consistency of the macaronage

ready for oven

Pippa as keen as I am

filled with fragrant vanilla pastry cream and ready for eating

I changed my font at

  1. What a lovely surprise to see your lovely macarons today and seeing that they're your first go, they are fabulous. I say 4-5 days, so next time make them a day earlier. Great post and love all your pics.
    Look after yourself - that car incident must have shaken you up. Good idea to calm down making macarons, since it's like a form of yoga. Take care,

  2. appreciate your comments and concern Jill. Having great fun with them.....very therapeutic indeed x

  3. Sorry to read about your accident. Glad you have mended well enough to get on with your holiday baking.

    Macaroons are one of my favorites. Your look scrumptious.


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