Wednesday, November 23, 2011

starting a blog is hard work

I though i was reasonably 'au fait' with technology, but apparently not. This little blog has taken me the whole morning to set up.  Who knew downloading, or is it uploading??  the photos could be so involved. First they were too big, then too small........but perseverance finally paid off and I'm happy. Its so sweet to see all my babies sitting so pretty on my page. I hope you enjoy looking at them. 

  1. Came over from FaceBook. You did a fantastic job here. And yes it is a lot of work. But I have come to love blogging, reading and writing, so it is worth it.

  2. thanks Joan. Really appreciate comments from you. I have read, reread and follow all your tutorials. Such a pleasure when someone is willing to share their knowledge. Not too sure why i'm embarking on this, but, as i have no website, its also a way for an 'unknown' to be seen!!


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