Wednesday, May 31, 2017



23 cms high
made of charcoal grey, dark brown and white faux fur
black glass eyes with needlefelted eyelids
Apoxy sculpted nose that has been sanded and then painted and varnished.
Needlefelted muzzle that has been rerooted with individual fur fibre stands
individual fingers and toes that have been wired for ease of posing
apoxy sculpted claws
horsehair whiskers
toned and shaded with oil
Internal locline spine which allows raccoon to be posed in many positions

Raccoon is very cute and loves being held.........however it sits well and stands on 2 and 4 feet

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Please enjoy the photos and if you are interested in offering him a permanent home then please click 


Thursday, May 25, 2017

New listings coming soon

handful of minis

Pipsie says she isnt getting enough attention........and NO, she isn't for sale

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Caramello Bear

 Caramello Bear

9cms standing
7cms seated
  Dense faux fur in rich caramel colour
Apoxy sculpted nose - painted and sealed
toning with oils
black glass eyes
jointed 5 ways with wired limbs
needlesculpted suede paw pads 
weighted with steel shot 
polyfibre filling
not suitable for small children due to small internal parts


Available for Adoption


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Red Panda

red panda

30 cms standing on 2 legs

22 cms standing on all 4 legs.

made from high quality faux fur

warm brown glass eyes with leather eyelids

nose sculpted from Apoxy Sculpt, sanded , painted and sealed with varnish

facial features created by needlefelting the muzzle and then rooting in individual strands of white alpaca.

horsehair whiskers

locline skeleton and jointed limbs

filled with polyfibre and steel shot for weight

authentic Eddybare label discretely stitched behind forelimb

handshaded and toned with oils .


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Tuxedo Cats

I have today listed two Tuxedo cats in my Etsy shop 

Both are available for adoption

Tula is the larger cat and Tina is her kitten

Tula is a tuxedo cat standing 11,5 cms tall.
made from longpile black and white velvet.
glass eyes
apoxy-sculpt nose that has been sanded, painted, sealed and varnished
embroidered mouth
horsehair whiskers
polyfibre filling
wire armature and jointed 5 ways
needlefelted pawpads and pulled toes 
ultrasuede collar and red heart

Tina is a Tuxedo kitten standing 6 cms tall
made from  black and white mohair
glass eyes 
plastic nose
unjointed and remains seated
lovely miniature size
ultrasuede pawpads.

 Here are some pictures of them playing together