Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fennec Fox

Francesca is the sweetest little fennec fox, with a lovely smile.  She was created from my own design.

13 cms tall 

Made from the softest longpile Alpaca which I have subtely shaded with hints of beige, fawn, and rosey cream coloured pastels 

Shiny black English glass eyes, with embroidered white accent.

Her nose is sculpted from Apoxy clay, sanded, sealed and then painted black.

Horsehair whiskers.

Stuffed with polyfibre filling . Tail wired for posing.

I needed to lengthen her muzzle to make it more realistic, so the fur in that area was first plucked out and then needlefelted, before rerooting Alpaca strands back onto the muzzle. The new muzzle area was then scissor sculpted.  This process is extremely time consuming but makes a great difference to the end look.  

fluffy white tail with internal wire armature

fluffy tail keeps her warm and cosy

Francesca will be  available for adoption on Ebay now