Monday, April 22, 2013


Weza is a lop-eared rabbit I made from a bought pattern.   I can take no credit for designing this one, but I still loved making her.  

Five inches high she towers over my usual creations but nevertheless she is still small enough to sit in one's palm.  She has been stuffed with polyfibre and metal shot which gives her a lovely,  weighty feel.

Fabrics used are synthetic faux fur and viscose in shades of beige. The eyes are English black glass and her nose and eyelids have been needle-felted.  Facial details accomplished by means of needle-scupting, scissor sculpting, and more needle-felting.  Her whiskers are white horse hair.  Hand shading was done with oil toning.

Weza loves taking Lucy for a walk on the leash.  This picture shows their size difference.

Weza leaves you with this message.  Life is short so always stop to smell the roses.
  1. What a darling. She is so sweet.

  2. thanks Kay for your constant encouragement. Greatly appreciated. xxx


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