Sunday, March 24, 2013

Orphaned Elephants

the three Musketeers

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  does the most amazing work.
Their mission is  the protection and conservation of wildlife and habitats in Kenya. Best known for the rescue and hand-rearing of milk dependent orphaned baby elephants and rhinos, so that they can return to the wild when grown, the DSWT also manages anti-poaching teams, mobile veterinary units and community outreach programs.

Today's blog is showcasing the trio of elephants I donated to the DSWT - and which are up for auction on Ebay for the next 8 days. If you would like to bid on this trio then please visit them on 

If you would like to sponsor a baby orphaned elephant , or make a donation to this trust, then please visit their facebook page or website

I didn't name these elephants , so will describe them as per their size.


BIG……... was created from sparse, long-pile velvet in deep grey with inner ears of hand -shaded short-pile pink velvet, and footpads of Ultrasuede grey.  Her eyes are black German glass and the white surrounds are ultra suede. Small tusks  were sculpted from Apoxie-Sculpt modeling compound, then fashioned into beads, and finally hand sewn in place.  She has been 5 ways jointed using cotter-pins and therefore can be posed in various positions and move her head from side to side.  Big stands under 8cms tall


MIDDLE and BABY size……….were both fashioned from a browny-grey long pile velvet with ultra suede inner ears and footpads.  Baby has onyx eyes and Middle-size has black German glass.  White ultra suede was used around the eyes. They have cotter-pin jointed heads; but their limbs are string jointed.  Middle stands under 6cms tall and Baby is only 4 cms


All three were designed and created from my own patterns.  To achieve their facial expressions and impressions of wrinkles i have needle sculpted their faces extensively  and in certain areas also scissor sculpted the fur.  They are all stuffed firmly with polyfibre and have some steel shot inside them to add extra weight.  Their tails have had mohair strands rooted into the fur.  Hand shading has creating their sorrowful eyes, which tell a story.  I made their little tartan blankets out of polar fleece.

woollen blankets shield the orphans from the cold. 

at DSWT the older orphans look after the younger ones

they play together and socialize

one day they will be reintroduced into the wild

  1. Oh! those little Ellies are so special. I'm sure they will do well for you.

  2. thanks Kay. The earning from this auction will be for the DSWT. I donated these elephants to them! x


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