Friday, December 23, 2011

Chevy - the little Billy Goat

Chevy is a tiny billy goat. Like all mountain goats he's extremely nimble and sure-footed and jumps easily from rock to rock in search of tasty morsels. Despite his small size he has a huge appetite and loves eating flowers.

He stands 3cms high which is only I,5 inches tall , excluding his horns.  His coat is made from beige medium-pile Sassy velvet and he sports a white flash on his nose. 

Chevy has black onyx eyes and long black lashes.
His nose is hand embroidered. Cream Alpaca has been rooted in to give him his goatee beard.  

His horns have been sculpted from Fimo clay which was baked hard in the oven. Chevy has large ears and a floppy tail which add to his baby looks. 

He sports a rust coloured collar with a small bead. I would have loved to give him a rusty little bell, but I'm afraid there is not one small enough to be found. 

I really hope you like him. He's a happy little goat!  By the way thought you may be interested in his name.......Chevy is derived from the French word 'ch√®vreau' which means .......young goat!!!

This will my last blog of the year. May you all have a wonderful Christmas - full of love, laughter and family fun; and I wish each and everyone of you good health and a blessed and peaceful 2012. 

  1. Chevy is the cutest goat I've ever seen! with the cutest little smile. Makes me happy just to look at him :-D...and 3 cm high...I just can't understand how you manage this...amazed every time :)

  2. thanks Bente. Something different this time.Thanks for your enthusiastic support and Happy Christmas. x

  3. He's adorable! My late Mother had a real soft spot for goats and would have loved this little creation.


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