Friday, November 25, 2011

so now what?

We all know where our strengths and weaknesses lie, and I am no different. Writing has never been a strong point for why am I doing this blog?  Do i have anything interesting to say about soft sculptures that hasn't been said before?  I think not. It does however provide me with a showcase for my bears and animals, and i am extremely grateful for that.  

Soooo I've decided to only write when i have something to show and to steer away from personal side of things.

Today i finished a second fox. I'm not sure i like him more than my first one, but from each new creation i will learn something new. With this one i was experimenting with widening the cheek and muzzle area, and i was happy with the results.  My husband was critical and said the legs are too it will be back to the drawing board again!  Here he is ....enjoying the sunshine in my garden.

Fox is fashioned from rich red-brown, white and black Sassy longpile velvet. He is fully jointed and poseable.

 His nose is leather and his eyes are jet-black German glass.

 Like all foxes he loves the outdoors and can be seen soaking up the beautiful sunshine.

  1. What an absolute cutie and love the photos! That last one is so realistic. You should go into children's programs. Fabulous!


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